Saturday, November 12, 2005

Boom Ba Ba Boom

There was a brief moment at the dawn of the sexual revolution when stripper records were in vogue. Imagine suburban housewives dimming the lights, pulling down the shades, and taking it all off for hubby. These LPs came with instruction books, and in the case of Music To Strip By, a bonus "G" string.

Ann Corio's How To Strip For Your Husband ("Music to make marriage merrier"), is the odder of the two, owing to the fact that in the midst of titles like Seduction of the Virgin Princess, there's a version of Easter Parade. We don't want to know what kind of sicko would be into that. Music To Strip By is a more straight-ahead, blues/burlesque venture. Both cuts feature wolf whistles and cat calls.

If you simply must have more, there's a good comp available here.

Remember, we're not responsible for anything that might happen if you play these tunes. However, if your marriage suddenly becomes merrier, we take full credit.

How To Strip For Your Husband - Bumps & Grinds

Music To Strip By - Strip Blues


CAn you please reupload this?

By Blogger Ilia, at 2:18 AM  

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