Friday, November 04, 2005

Dylan Covers

Two swingin' versions of Bob Dylan tunes. From Nancy Sinatra's Immortal Boots LP, her Vegas-y take on It Aint Me Babe. Marie LaForêt gives us D'etre A Vous, her version of I Want You. Find it on Pop A Paris: More Rock N Roll And Mini Skirts - Compilation 2

Astute readers of this blog will note that I have a thing for Nancy. I saw her (w/Lee Hazelwood) at the Fillmore in '94, and she rocked. Special note should be made to the liner notes for Boots. Written by Stan Cornyn, they are pure poetry:

"How should I sing this?"

"Like a 16 year old girl who's been dating a 40 year old man, but it's all over now."

She looks good, dresses good, lives good, eats, drinks, loves, breathes, dances, sings, cries good. Five foot three and tiger eyes. A mouth made for lollipops or kisses, Stingers or melting smiles. Ninety-five pounds of affection.

She's been there already. Barely in her twenties, she looks younger. That look, like Lolita Humbert, like Daisy Clover. The power to exalt, or to destroy, wanting only the former, but unafraid to invoke the latter if the time comes.

The eyes that see through, know more, look longer.

Unafraid to pull on the boots again, toss off a burnt out thing with a casual "So long, babe," and get.

A young fragile living thing, on it's own in a wondrous-wicked-woundup-wasted-wild-worried-wisedup-warmbodied world. On her own. Earning her daily crepes and Cokes by singing the facts of love. Her voice tells as much as her songs. No faked up grandure, her voice is like it is: a little tired, little put down, a lot loving.

No one is born sophisticated. It's a place you have to crawl to, crawling out of hayseed country, over miles of unsanded pavement, past Trouble, past corners and forks with no auto club signs to point you, till you get there and you wake up wiser.

She's arrived. She sings you about the long crawl. And makes you have to listen.

Nancy Sinatra - It Aint Me Babe

Marie LaForêt - D'etre A Vous


I'm loving that Marie LaForet version of I Want You, or should I say, D'etre A Vous

By Blogger Dr. Moshe, at 2:28 AM  

thank you for the music :D

By Anonymous docflo, at 7:15 AM  

fun stuff!

By Blogger Bruno, at 10:53 AM  

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