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Three songs from the 1971 Godzila Vs. The Smog Monster. This was an early enviro-thriller (the tagline was "Our environment is doomed!") with the big guy in the rubber suit saving Tokyo. By Godzilla standards, it's a pretty weird film. (Disclamer: This is based on a late-night TV viewing around 25 years ago. As there may have been substances involved, pretty much anything would have seemed weird.)

Oh, the music. Spooky organs, marching bands, faux rock and roll. The three cuts offered are pretty swingin'. We can't tell you anything about the song titles or the performers, as they are written in Kanji. Anyway, enjoy.

Give Back The Sun! II

Godzilla vs. Hedorah (Give Back The Sun!)

Get Hedorah!

Flickhead sent this:

After consulting with the world's leading authority on Godzilla, the translations of these tracks are:

  1. Give Back The Sun! II
  2. Godzilla vs. Hedorah (Give Back The Sun!)
  3. Get Hedorah!

They are bonus tracks not heard in the film.

"Give Back the Sun" (or, "Return, The Sun!") was written by Banno Yoshimitsu (lyrics) and Manabe Riichiro (music), with vocals by Fujiyama Miki (a/k/a Mari Keiko). Its translated lyrics go something like this:

Islands... fish... where've you gone?

Dragonflies... butterflies... where've you gone?

Mercury cobalt cadmium

Lead sulfuric-acid oxidants

Cyanogen manganese vanadium

Chromium potassium strontium

Filthy polluted sea, filthy polluted air

Living things will no longer exist

Fields... mountains...

Become silent

On The Earth there is nobody

Nobody around who can cry

Return! Return! Return! Return!

Green... blue skies... return!

Return! Return! Return!

Blue seas... return! Return!

Return! Return! Return! Return!

Life... The Sun... Return!

Return! Return! Return! Return! Return!


Great stuff! :)

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