Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Xmas

We're not big fans of Christmas, but this seemed like a good time to say thanks to all the other bloggers and anyone else who showed an interest in this site. Growing up in the '60s we (OK, I. This is a one-man operation, but play along) obsessively listened to the transistor radio at night, safely tucked under the pillow and out of sight of nosy parents. There were lots of American and British songs, of course, but precious little from anywhere else. Aside from songs like Eres Tu by Mocedades and Dominique by The Singing Nun, the rest of the world was ill-represented. If it wasn't sung in English, it didn't exist.

We knew that there must have been rock and roll being made elsewhere, but where was it? Where were the Beatles of France? The Italian Beach Boys? The Brazilian Cowsills? Thanks to the Blogosphere, we've gotten hip to Ye-Ye, as well as great pop from Sweden, Spain, Quebec, South America and Singapore. The old iPod overfloweth with France Gall, Sakura and the Quests, The Namelosers, Os Mutantes, and Gillian Hills.

Thanks to Mordi at Blowup Doll, Pastor McPurvis at The VinylOrphanage, the folks at PCL Linkdump, and all the others who supported On The Flipside early on. Thanks also to the people around the world who have taken the time to check us out and leave comments. We have lots of suprises in store for 2006.



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