Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hello, Harry Lime

We thought it a good time to take a break from all that noisy rock and roll the kids seem to like so much and offer some classic 1950's film music. The Third Man, the early Cold War cat and mouse film starring a very paranoid Joseph Cotton and an elusive Orson Welles has one of the most distinctive theme songs in film history. The bouncy zither music doesn't seem to go with the tense plot, but it works beautifully. It was recorded many times, by various artists eager to put their stamp on it. We offer here five gems: the original by Anton Karas, a countrified version by Chet Atkins, a South of the Border treatment by Los Indios Tabajaras, a swingin' arraingement by The Three Suns, and a trippy stereophonic ping pong affair by the one and only Esquivel. Enjoy.

The Third Man Theme


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