Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Institute Of Official Cheer

One of our fave websites is The Institute Of Official Cheer, James Lileks' tour through American weirdness. The Gallery Of Regrettable Food, is a collection of cookbook illustrations. Chapters include The Unbearable Sadness of Vegetables, and Patty Cake Patty Cake Baker's SHAME. The Art Of Art Frahm (above) delves into the bizarre cheesecake world of dropped panties and falling groceries. Must be seen to be believed.

All illustrations include James' witty commentary.

The Institute Of Official Cheer

The Gallery Of Regrettable Food

The Art Of Art Frahm

While you're there, order one of his books, dammit!


Your blog is so good Joey I feel guilty I haven`t been by so often. You deserve a few more kudos than you get. Anyway, thanks for liking and supporting "Dang".

By Blogger guapo, at 3:07 PM  

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