Friday, March 31, 2006

Rock and Roll Scandal Sheet

Here are some pretty risque songs, some of which actually charted. Maybe our parents were right. Download the whole shootin' match at the bottom.


Pictures of Lily

The Who

While not overtly about its subject, the song is about unrequited love for a pin-up girl. It's made all the more creepy buy the fact that his dad supplies him with the picture:

He said, 'Son now here's some little something'

And stuck them on my wall

And now my nights ain't quite so lonely

In fact I, I don't feel bad at all

Pictures of Lily made my life so wonderful

Runners up: Turning Japanese by The Vapors and Orgasm Addict by The Buzzcocks


The Vogues

Turn Around, Look At Me

The sentiment of this song is love from afar. The singer laments that the object of his desire doesn't even notice him. But the lyrics tell a more sinister story:

There is someone walking behind you,

Turn around, look at me.

There is someone watching your footsteps,

Turn around, look at me

Runner up: Every Breath You Take by The Police

Gruesome Death By Auto



Take your pick on this one. A staple of the early sixties, the cautionary tale showed up in everything from girl group to surf to hard rock. Certainly the most over the top was Bloodrock's incredible DOA, a song that depicts an accident, told from the point of view of a victim who's slowly dying.

Life is flowing out my body

Pain is flowing out with my blood

The sheets are red and moist where I'm lying

God in Heaven, teach me how to die

Runners up: Leader of the Pack by The Shangri Las, Dead Man's Curve by Jan and Dean, Tell Laura I love her by Ray Peterson.


The Kinks


A big hit in 1968 for Ray Davies and company. A real head scratcher for mainstream America. OK, "Girls will be boys and boys will be girls." Not exactly news. "Dark brown voice." Huh? "She walked like a woman and talked like a man." Oh.

Well I’m not the world’s most physical guy

But when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine

Oh my lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola

Well I’m not dumb but I can’t understand

Why she walked like a woman and talked like a man

Oh my lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola

Runners up: Arnold Layne by Pink Floyd and Hash Pipe by Weezer


Donnie Osmond

Go Away, Little Girl

This one technically isn't quite so scandalous, owing to the fact that Donnie was all of 14 when he recorded it. It was, however, covered by the likes of Steve Lawrence and Johnny Mathis, full grown men. Sung by them, the song takes on a whole new meaning:

Please go away little girl

Go away little girl

It's hurting me more each minute that you delay

When you are near me like this

You're much too hard to resist

So go away little girl before I beg you to stay.

Runners up: Young Girl by The Guess Who and Youngblood by The Coasters


Billy Paul

Me And Mrs. Jones

No mistaking this one. Billy is clearly seeing a married woman and is probably married himself:

Well, it's time for us to be leaving,

It hurts so much, it hurts so much inside,

Now she'll go her way and I'll go mine,

But tomorrow we'll meet the same place, the same time.

Runners up: Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel, I Was Checkin' Out She Was Checkin' In by Joe Tex, and about half of all Country Music songs


Bobbie Gentry

Ode To Billie Joe

"It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty delta day." So begins the saga of Billy Joe MacAllister. Not only does he jump off the Tallahatchee Bridge, but Papa dies and Mama never seems to wanna do much of anything. So sad.

And Mama said it was shame about Billy Joe, anyhow

Seems like nothin' ever comes to no good up on Choctaw Ridge

And now Billy Joe MacAllister's jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge

Runners up: Alone Again, Naturally by Gilbert O'Sullivan and about a million other songs.

Mindless Teen Violence

I Don't Like Mondays
Boomtown Rats

On 29 January 1979, 16-year-old Brenda Ann Spencer opened fire on children arriving at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego from her house across the street, killing two men and wounding eight students and a police officer. Bummer.

All the playing's stopped in the playground now

She wants to play with her toys a while.

And school's out early and soon we'll be learning

And the lesson today is how to die.

Runner up: Jeremy by Pearl Jam


Jungle Fever


Not much to say about this one:

Oooh! Aaah! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Aieee, Papi!!

Runner up: Love To Love You Baby by Donna Summer

Scandalous Songs [Zip file 32MB]


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