Monday, March 27, 2006

Who The Hell Is Frank Chu?

Anyone who's spent any time in downtown San Fransicso over the last decade knows Frank Chu. They may not know his name, but they've seen him in his Dockers and sunglasses. Frank is the guy who walks up and down Market St. every day holding his sign that has his message on the front and advertising on the back. His messages, political in nature, have gotten more and more baroque and conviluted over the years. He holds the Guiness world record for continuous protesting. He is a local celebrity, with several websites devoted to him and a club named after his consistant message about the "12 Galaxies."

Here's some info on Frank:

Zegnatronic Rocket Society

12 Galaxies (Note: lots of broken links)

Frank's San Francisco Chronicle Interview

Chronicle illustration by Chris Stewart


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