Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Further Evidence Of The Decline Of Western Civilization

I'm pig-biting mad, to quote the great Ed Anger. I was at the doctor's office, and, as usual I picked up a copy of Highlights Magazine. I turned to my favorite section, Goofus and Gallant, the bipolar twins.

For those who aren't hip to this great duo, here's a brief primer. Gallant is the prissy one who has good manners. Goofus is the cool one who acts like a jerk. Typical captions: "Goofus demands candy from his mother; Gallant asks politely."

Well, they've given G & G a makeover. Here's what they used to look like (notice Goofus' unmade bed and allover bad attitude):

And here's the new Disneyfied look:

Pathetic, right? I was even going to use the tagline "Fun With A Purpose" as this blog's slogan. Now they've gone and ruined one of my childhood heroes (and his goody-goody brother). Highlights, you're dead to me.


This should annoy Ed Anger...and not impress Ed Asner.

Terrible. Isn't this, like, the THIRD makeover for these boys? Originally Goofus was truly evil-looking and clearly enjoyed being nasty.

Now they practically look alike! Do they still have the Timbertoes or have they been replaced by the Formica Family?

By Blogger Ill Folks, at 9:13 PM  

What I don't like about Goofus & Gallant is they make it look like being imperfect is bad. Sorry but no one is like Gallant. In the real world Gallant would finish last.

By Blogger Neanderthal, at 11:29 PM  

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