Thursday, April 20, 2006

One Hit Wonders Hall Of Fame: The Jaggerz

Although they sound like a hip hop act (deliberately misspelled name, song called "The Rapper") The Jaggerz were a bunch of white guys out of Western PA. They wallowed in obscurity until they struck gold with "The Rapper," which went to #2 in 1970. "The Rapper" is a nice piece of blue-eyed funk. I always thought it was "The Wrapper" (like, he wraps his arms around you, get it?). Turns out he's a smooth talker who "needs someone to sock it to."

Front man Dominic Ierace (AKA Donnie Iris) later scored the hit "Play that Funky Music" with One Hit Wonders Wild Cherry. The Jaggerz are still together in some form or other.

The Rapper


I think Donnie Iris' crowning acheivement was "Ah Leah"...

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