Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fun With Animals

We live in a pretty urban area. Alameda is a small island in the SF bay near Oakland. No woods nearby. Lots of houses crammed together. Industrial area just across the bridge.

In the past year we've had our share of critters in and around the house. In addition to the usual squirrels, bluejays, and the like, we've had a Cooper's Hawk perched on the streetlight, a possum in the house eating the cat food, a woodpecker trying to find food in a telephone pole, and a small rat who found out too late that we have two cats.

But the most recent event takes the cake. We have had a curious racoon who's been making himself quite at home here. We had to close up the cat door, because he was making night time visits to eat the cat food. We've seen him twice inside the house, and several times outside trying to get in. We found out that racoons get around via the storm drains. Here's a photo of his most recent visit.

In addition, yesterday I saw, in a rundown area of Oakland, a chicken running down the street. What's next? Cows?

No pix of the chicken. Sorry.


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