Sunday, June 18, 2006

Think Like Mr. Friendly

I just can't stay away from you people. I've decided to do some random blogs on subjects that strike my fancy. I'll save the music offerings for when I get settled (any month now).

Mr. Friendly is a cute fellow who teaches things like manners to little Japanese kids (like their not polite enough already), as well as peace and love and environmentalism. Compared to the Sanrio juggernaut (Hello Kitty, Bad Batz Maru) Mr. F. has a certain low budget charm. And, of course, his wise sayings are translated into the delightfully skewed language known as "Engrish."

Message printed on an eraser: "Mr. Friendly Quality Eraser. Mr. Friendly Arrived!! He always stay near you, and steals in your mind to lead you to a good situation. We are ecologically minded. This package will self-destruct in Mother Earth."

The English language version of the website has an inordinate amount of Japanese, but it's a good intro.

And remember:

"The incorporated company super planning owns the copyright of the data currently used by this homepage. The downloaded data is the bottom time without using except an individual personal computer. "


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