Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Male Angst

The '50s were a pretty tough time for American men. All that pressure to provide for the family, climb the corporate ladder, and avoid being shot or mistaken for a homosexual. Read on.

This must have been pretty shocking when it was originally published (1950). Psychoanalysis was pretty new at the time and not at all common. Sample chapters: "Sex: The College Years," "Mother," and "Sissy" ("I felt a little queer all evening..As I think of Jack, though, I'm absolutely certain he's not a fairy...It just didn't seem right for a man to enjoy cooking so much..." ) Yikes.

Low budget Raymond Chandler. "Her face moved closer...her lips crushed against mine, and she held me in an embrace that pinned my arms to my side as though they were in a vise..." Love the Robert Longo-esque cover. Plus, the South Bend Tribune recommended it.

Now here are some angry guys. Robert Ryan looks like he's having an aneurism. Belefonte's character is called "Sambo," which probably explains the attack dog look on his face.


Actually the new millenium seems to be filled with male angst as well! :)

By Blogger Bruno, at 6:44 AM  

I like to cook.

Does that mean...

By Blogger Flickhead, at 3:28 AM  

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