Monday, October 23, 2006


One of my more ghoulish pursuits is to peruse the obituaries for notable people, B-movie actors, and the like. Usually there are one or two a week. Today there are an amazing three

Jane Wyatt was best known (to me, anyway) as Margaret, the suburban mom in "Father Knows Best" ("Princess, Bud, Kitten. Dinner's ready.") She also played Amanda, Spock's Vulcan mother, in the only Star Trek that matters, the original 1966-69 series. Please, Trekkies (oh I'm sorry, Trekkers), no comments. Wyatt was 95.

Phyllis Kirk starred in the original 3-D version of Andre De Toth's "House of Wax." She also played opposite Jerry Lewis, Frank Sinatra, and Peter Lawford. Kirk was 79. Her real last name was Kirkegaard.

Finally Nelson De La Rosa, the 2' 4" entertainer from the Dominican Republic died at age 38. De La Rosa had a minor acting career, showing up in the 1996 remake of "The Island of Dr. Moreau" and an Italian horror film known variously as "Quella villa in fondo al Parco," "Ratman," or "Terror House." He was also a perfomer in the "Mini Pops" segment of the "Super Sabado Sensacional" TV show. He was 38.


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