Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Food Museum

I just stumbled upon this site. It looks like a Subgenious-type parody, but it's completely serious. The Food Museum deals with anything and everything food related as well as topics like obesity and world hunger. But the website is chockablock full of exhibitons like The Last Suppers, Food Films of Luis Bunuel, A Gallery of Fat Things, and individual histories of pickles, pumpkins, and cake. The exhibitions feature archival ads, vintage cooking equipment, government propaganda, and anything else food related. It's a pretty haphazard affair, but well worth checking out. Best bet is to go straight to the site map.

There are links to other food related sites, most notably The Potato Museum, Museum of Burnt Food, and Wholepop Magazine's Paileontology: A history of the lunchbox.

The Food Museum


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