Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Random Memories

When I was a sophomore at Rutgers in the late '70s I used to listen to a radio show called "Crest Of The New Wave" on WPRB in Princeton. It came on Sunday night around 10 pm and went until at least 4 am. The hosts were Johnny Rocks and Darling Rose Manitoba. Being a college radio show broadcasting in a graveyard timeslot, they could play (or say) pretty much anything they wanted. It was the only place where you could hear The Dickies, The Dictators, Iggy, The Damned, and lesser lights like Vom ("I'm In Love With Your Mom") and Fred Blassie ("Blassie: King Of Men" b/w "Pencil Neck Geek").

I was up late one night typing (yes, on a typewriter) a paper that was due the next day. Sometime around 3 am Rose announced that "A whole bunch of people died in Guyana from drinking Koolaid! Isn't that great? Now here's the Ramones." I can't think of a better way to be told some really horrible news.

The show's theme music was "Boredom" by The Buzzcocks. I wish I had the Blassie 45.



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