Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blogger Spotlight: Bibi

Nothing makes me feel more like a slug than another blogger posting away, day after day, while I lay around the house watching trashy exploitation flicks (last night: Jose Mojica Marin's excellent "Awakening of the Beast"). So I really feel lazy when I cruise over to Bibi's Box and see that she has four new posts since yesterday. She does this everyday, people. The posts are really interesting: pop culture, cult film, general web weirdness. Her posts highlighting artists are fantastic.

Bibi (Bianca Bueno) hails from Brazil. She has other blogs: "The Dodo Blog," which is about the famous extinct bird and "Cinematographo," about obscure film, particularly silents. The latter seems to be on hiatus, which makes me feel a little better about my laziness.

Bibi's Blog is up for Best Latin American Weblog at the 2007 Bloggies. It deserves your vote. Give the girl a break. She's working hard for you.

Bibi's Box

The Dodo Blog



Thanks for the supre kind post! :)

"O despertar da besta" by Zé do Caixão :) I think I saw that one. You can use the excuse to watch the film as "searching for inspiration". And don't worry, I gave a big break from blogging last year. It's necessary, but I'm afraid to stop again and don't come back.

Cinematógrafo is sleeping, part of it. Everyday I saw that I will back, but I still busy with other blogs. But, I'm uploading a lot of very old films and films in public domain for it, so the blog isn't really sleeping. BTW, it's a blog about cinema, however I was posting a lot of old silent films, probably because I love them.

Thanks again for all the links and the vote suggestion!

By Blogger Bibi, at 10:16 AM  

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