Friday, January 19, 2007

Las Malas Amistades

I just stumbled on this band. Las Malas Amistades (The Bad Friendships) are a band from Bogota, Columbia. According to their website (, "None of its members were musicians (or intended to become one) but they all liked music." They play "keyboards (one a casiotone, the other a massive pawnshop-found synthesizer), an electronic drumset, an acoustic guitar, a four string guitar (traditionally used for música llanera and called ‘cuatro’) and several small percussion gadgets."

Their music reminds me of early Velvets, Residents, Pianosaurus, and Magnetic Fields. All recorded in glorious lo-fi. The website offers a dozen and a half mp3s for free download. Go get 'em.


First time here, didn't really know what to expect, but downloaded some of this music and it was brilliant!

By Blogger dan s., at 2:33 PM  

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