Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thunder Alley

Teensploitation from AIP. The soundtrack is an odd mixture of garage psych and beach party girl group. This is because it starred Fabian and Annette Funicello, who were a little past their prime by the time this film came out. The music was produced by Mike Curb (he of the Congregation and who later turned up as the Lt. Gov of Cali under Reagan). The main band is The Sidewalk Sounds, which is mostlikely Davie Allen and the Arrows. Allen worked with Curb on "The Wild Angels," and one of the songs ("Mud Fight") is credited to "D. Allen." I omitted one song ("Calahan's March") because it's an actual march and a pathetic attempt at irony. Also featuring the "thrilling new group" The Band Without A Name. Directed by Richard Rush, who later made "Psych-Out," "Hells Angels On Wheels," and "The Savage Seven."

Thunder Alley OST


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