Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Beatles Project

I'm trying to put together some collections of cover versions of Beatles albums. The idea is to compile each of the band's albums with covers from diverse performers, in the order they appear on the records. Some of the songs are easy to come by. Others are a little more tricky. And there are some that I don't ever expect to find.

Now I have a lot of Beatles songs. I have more versions of "Yesterday" and "Michelle" that I know what to do with. What I'm lookng for is the more obscure covers. I'm finding some interesting versions of songs like "Rain" and "Maxwell's Silver Hammer," but there are a lot of gaps in my collection.

If you happen to have a version of "Paperback Writer" or "Taxman" (or whatever) please send it to me. I'm open to any and all covers: serious, kitschy, great, or just plain bad. Foriegn language covers are most welcome. Once I get each album together I'll post them here. Either send them to or let me know where you have them posted.



Great Idea!

The Woofers & Tweeters Ensemble do Paperback Writer on Beatle Barkers!

Here's a link to a page which has the whole album for download under the reissue title Meet The Beatle Barkers!

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