Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Beatles Project #4: Ordinary Obvious Tour

Here's number 4 of The Beatles Project, some fine interpretations of Magical Mystery Tour. I guess that because it's one of their trippiest outings (what was John on when he wrote the lyrics to "I Am The Walrus," and how can I get some?) the cover versions here are pretty out there.

We open with the immortal Cheap Trick doing a raucous version of the title cut. "The Fool on the Hill" is given an appropriately winsome, pan flute and vocal treatment by Fernando Diaz. "Flying," the only instrumental the band did(?) is taken on by electronic artist Yomano. Colin Newman does an angst-ridden version of "Blue Jay Way" that brings out the creepiness of the song. Les Merseys do "Your Mother Should Know" in French, followed by a wacky, nearly 11 minute jazz take on "Walrus" by The Colin Towns Mask Orchestra. Another French cover, this time of "Hello, Goodbye" by Les Intrigantes precedes The Better Beatle's bizarre reconstruction of "Penny Lane." Thanks to WFMU's Beware Of The Blog for this one. Go here for an even wierder version of "Elenor Rigby." A spacy "Strawberry Fields is done by Signs, and then Dr. Zing does a straight ahead cover of "Baby You're A Rich Man." A lovely, electronica version of "All You Need Is Love" by Gabriela Vega closes out the set.

Ordinary Obvious Tour


Les Intrigantes - Hello, Goodbye is actually another cover of the song, not by Les Intrigantes. The version of Hello, Goodbye you post on your Beatles' #4 copilation is actually sung in italian and is by I Bit-Nik. Hear it at . Hear the Intrigantes' real version sung in french at .

By Blogger Aildoux, at 8:04 AM  

But thanks for that anyway, and the rest. Keep it up!

By Blogger Aildoux, at 8:06 AM  

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