Friday, July 04, 2008

R. I. P. Larry Harmon

Larry (Bozo) Harmon is dead at the age of 83 of congestive heart failure. Harmon didn't originate the character of Bozo The Clown, but he made it a brand and franchised it out to Bozo's all over the US. Bozo had a daily kids show in different markets around the country. Weather buffoon Willard Scott got his start as Bozo in the DC area. The show aired on WOR channel 9 in New York in the 60s. Bozo would select one lucky boy to be his circus assistant "Butch For The Day." Oh, how I longed for such an honor, much like the longing to hear my name mentioned in the "Magic Mirror" segment of "Romper Room."

There was also a truly lame Bozo cartoon, which I knew sucked even then.

Anyway, let's all sing the Bozo theme song:

I am such a funny clown
I like to travel round and round
The Circus is my home
I always seem to roam

In a rocket ship I soar
I explore the ocean floor
But you must know, I'll never go
Unless you come along!

Bozo, Bozo, always laughs, never frowns
Bozo, Bozo, Bozo the clown!


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