Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dealing With The Devil

I picked up this gem at my local thrift-o-rama yesterday. It's a 1967 book on how to recognize and cast out Satan. Apparently, the old boy is everywhere. The book is filled with nifty illustrations like this one. Oh, and I for one would probably figure out that this was the Devil. the pointy ears and demonic expression kind of give it away.

The book is really one, long advertisement for the ANTI-SATAN KIT. Only 50 cents, and it comes with its own holder!

You can use it in your bathroom. You never know when the Devil might be hiding in the moisturizer. Take that, Lucifer!

Or your den. Watch out! Satan might be lurking in that potted plant!

It was a library book. Doesn't look like it was too popular.


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