Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Who's Your Travel Agent?

Netflix has added a "Watch Instantly" section that contains a ton of cool stuff that you can enjoy without waiting for that pesky mailman to deliver it to you. Lots of cool docs on everything from Allen Ginsburg to The New York Dolls, classic TV (Astroboy, The Outer Limits, Dragnet), and exploitation flicks in all genres. You can snuggle up and catch "The Astro Zombies" in glorious streaming video. Note: It only works on a PC, and then only on Internet Explorer. And you have to download their video player. Still, totally worth it if you're a subscriber.

Pictured below are stills from the awesome "Dragnet '67" episode "The Big LSD," featuring "Blue Boy, the travel agent." "Travel Agent" was supposed to be a hip term for pusher, but I guess it never caught on.

PS, sorry about the lack of posts. I am incredibly lazy.


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