Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Beseech Thee, Please Find Me A Job

I was searching the Google looking for the Patron Saint of the Internet, when I found St. Isadore of Seville. Apparently he was a scholar who was locked up for being lazy. So far, I can relate. He spent his time gathering information and compiling an index of over 1000 manuscripts, thus creating the first search engine.

There's even a prayer associated with him. Here's an excerpt with all the Jesus-y stuff removed:

[W]e beseech Thee that,
through the intercession of Saint Isidore, bishop and doctor,
during our journeys through the Internet
we will direct our hands and eyes
only to that which is pleasing to Thee
and treat with charity and patience
all those souls whom we encounter.

The BBC has a list of saints for modern-day concerns. There's a patron saint of television, alcoholics, and, I kid you not, serial killers. Catholic Online has a comprehensive list of patron saints for all occasions.


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