Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lucha Libre From The Archives

I found this while cleaning out my attic recently. I was at this show in 1988. I went with my friends Bruce and Bruce. We got there about 20 minutes prior to the start. Oddly enough, the ring was still being set up. We sat there for a long time until finally the wrestlers started coming out. They turned out to be the same guys who set up the ring. Talk about a high-class operation.

The matches were fun, in the way that only Latino wrestling can be. The "Bloody"Dracula was more like The "Drunken" Dracula. We were even invited to have a drink with the wrestlers after the matches. Why we declined I'll never know.

About a year later we saw another match at Dickinson High School (my mother's alma mater) that featured lady wrestlers, midget tag teams, and a very old and very fat Sgt. Slaughter. Good times.


Ada yang tak sempat tergambarkan oleh kata ketika kita berdua. Hanya aku yang bisa bertanya obat gagal jantung mungkinkah kau tahu jawabnya.

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